Wow!  We’ve (the construction workers actually) have been so busy the past couple of weeks.  The finish work in the house is about 98% complete and it looks great!  The door and window trim make everything look so tied together and complete.  Stairs are starting to go in, the blue slate is down in the entryway and mudroom, countertops went in on Friday, and the bathroom tile is about done.  Most of these things are all protected with heavy brown paper so not much to show you right now. They even hauled the big tub upstairs. 

Painting is starting this week and they are bringing in the hardwood floors to acclimate before laying those down the next week or two.  Mantels are being built and brickwork should start outside soon. We’ll confirm with our project manager this week but we’re actually thinking we might be back in the house by the end of April.  OMG! 

Jessie enjoying the space in the master shower


Guest Shower coming together


Master bedroom windows trimmed - gorgeous! Loving the vaulted ceiling


Front door is back on and is correct however side lights had to go back...again 🙂


Latest view of the front- everybody likes the yellow but that's just the primer


Yep, we’ve made it to the third stage of the construction — finish work.  Yipee!  Siding is almost complete on the exterior and tiling has started in the master shower.  Our tile guys are very meticulous.  There have been two guys out here for at least 3 days. Maybe it’s the size of the shower – a little large? Who’s going to clean all that white tile?

Tiling begins in master shower


Back of house - siding is called Hardie board


Ta Da! Here's how the front is shaping up - the color by the way is only the primer

Time flies….

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since I last posted.  Things have really been hopping lately at the house.  I’m having difficulty keeping up on the recent decisions we’re finalizing and on updating the blog…as you can see.  Here’s a quick recap of things that have been going on since the start of new year.  The texture (“old world”) is on all the walls, the walls have been primed for paint, the siding (hardie board) is beginning to go up on the exterior, the cabinets started getting installed today, shower niches were cut today, and the interior doors were hung.  Whew!!  Everything is really taking shape and all the finish details will begin to show themselves.  Gotta finalize what we’re going to do for countertops on the island, hutch and desk.  We’re thinking something like black walnut but wondering if it’s too much wood with the hardwood floors going in too.  hmmmmm

Cool stilts to reach the ceiling


Jessie's bedroom window getting its trim


Kitchen cabinets going in - island not in place yet


Desk area tucked in under the stairs -- so fun!


Moving right along

We just returned from our Christmas travels and rushed over to see what had happened while we were gone.  We were very excited to see that they must have had an inspection because they have started to tape the sheetrock.  I think there are a few coats of tape that go on and they dry in between.  We may have to rent some heaters to get it dry enough.  Jessie was quite excited and decided it would be a good idea to start some cleaning in her room.  Go Jess!

My cleaning bean


Family room taking shape

Our sheetrock guys

Yep, here they are.  The five guys that installed the sheetrock in only 2 days.  With the music blaring these guys worked tirelessly to get the sheetrock in everywhere before Christmas.  Talk about things really starting to take shape…how many times will I say that before this is done? 🙂

The Crew

Here we are – we made it!  We’ve got the rough plumbing, electrical, HVAC and now the insulation in and inspected.  The sheetrock was delivered and we’re going to start closing up the walls next week after Christmas. Pretty soon all those detailed finish decisions we’ve been making will begin to take shape.  So exciting!

Enjoying a picnic on the sheetrock.


We've been upgraded from the "crack" house to the "cotton candy" house.


Yes, finally we’ve got all the doors in. Back french doors and transoms are in as well as the side and front doors.  We love all of them…except the front door. It didn’t come in as we expected.  We didn’t think  it would be so tall and the side lights should have dividers in them.  I see I don’t have a picture of that to share.  I’ll get that up and see what everyone else thinks. Something about doors on this project, it’s always something I guess, but for us it’s been door trouble.  
    Yesterday they dropped off the sheetrock (wow, it’s a lot!) and started putting the roof on.  Next week is wiring for internet, cable and phone and then insulation should go in on Thursday. Stay tuned, things are going to start changing quite a bit again — I’ll be sure to get lots of pics.

Doors and windows out to the backyard


Standing in backyard looking into family room and master upstairs


Girls' bedroom windows complete