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We are officially in…

Yay!  We’ve been in the new house for just over a week now.  The move…let’s just say it’s behind us and I am so glad.  At least part of it is.  Our garage is still full of stuff, stuff that we don’t need or want anymore and stuff that we can’t get to behind that stuff.  I’ll be unpacking for the rest of the year.  Jessie has settled very comfortably and is thoroughly enjoying her own room and bathroom.  Annie basically uses hers as a play room and is sleeping on our floor right now.  We’ve still got a few minor “ankle biters” as I like to call them to finish up, like some cabinet paint touch ups and tile and carpet touch ups.  The bulk of the work is now ours — unpacking, pictures on walls, yard work, the list feels a little endless at this point. Burch and I are going to need to institute a weekly project meeting just for the two of us.  But it is so good to be here with so much more indoor and outdoor space.  And I can’t seem to reorient the laundry room pic below. You’ll just have to turn your head. 🙂


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We had our final project meeting last Thursday and brought champagne to celebrate with our project managers/leaders.  I thought I was going to cry — actually did the night before but felt really good/satisified at the meeting.  We had a very uncommon (from what I hear) experience that was positive all the way through.  No break-ups, no legal proceedings,  just a very positive, professional relationship from beginning to end.

And we now have a move in date — April 28. I’m so excited I’ve been up since 4:00am ready to go.   The punch list is being worked on this week and next.  Lots of little things to “tighten” up like carpet, paint, closet organizers, etc.  They will also do one final deep cleaning of everything.  I’m not going to want to mess anything up. 

Thank you DeMattei for helping us realize one of our dreams.  Our family is very much looking forward to sharing our “space” with everyone!

Testing out the TV with pizza and the kids





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We passed final inspection!

Sorry for not keeping you up on things but things have been moving soo fast lately.  First off, great news!  The wonderful crew at DeMattei had a successful final inspection today at the house on their first try.  Very cool!  It was just 9 months ago that the demo crew was there and today the City gave their ok for us to move back in. Yippee!

There are still a few loose ends to tie up like closet organizers, brick work in back, fix driveway, exterior paint and complete cleaning inside but we’re starting to plan on moving back in the weekend of April 21.  I think I need someone to pinch me (really hard) because I still can’t believe we achieved this and have such a beautiful home to move into.  Here’s a few pics of the latest.

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30 days and counting!!

Yes, we are moving back in within the next 30 days.  OMG!  Boy, that saying that time goes fast is sure true.  Here we are actually talking about moving into the home we’ve dreamed about for 15 years.  Still a few things to finish up of course but we do have a timeline now.  Hardwood floors are priority this week – they are sanding, filling, sanding, staining and varnishing this week.  That will be another big change to share.  Thursday the cabinet company comes in again to finish up the work they started — still need to hang the hutch cabinets in the kitchen and finish up a few things. Fireplaces are working now and electrical fixtures turn on if we have light bulbs in ’em.  We have a long list of light bulbs to go out and purchase yet. 🙂 

Here's the front coming together








Kitchen backsplash - Loved it when Sarah Richardson (HGTV) did it and love it here too!

Jessie wanted stripes in her room so we did an accent wall - she's very happy about it.

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Seeing the actual plumbing fixtures like the faucets, sinks, toilets etc. go in add just that right amount of contrast to the rooms.   Most everything is actually functional too — Annie is one that is excited about that.  She hasn’t been thrilled with using the outhouse when we’re over there for long periods of time.  Enjoy some pics of the plumbing stuff and the exterior paint that is going on now although my picture doesn’t do the color justice.  Oh, yes, and my tub!! Ooo, la, la!

Guest bath coming together

Guest bath coming together


Master bath soaking tub


Exterior paint going on

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Here comes the color

Well, the interior paint is now done.  It looks so nice.  They worked tirelessly on the ceiling in the great room/kitchen and it is amazing. I knew it would change the look but didn’t expect it to start to feel so much more like a home.  I did fairly good with my paint choices — only two rooms that need to be redone.  We need to lighten up the girls’ bathroom (blue is too bright) and Annie’s pink room (too much like Pepto Pink) but don’t tell her.  I’m hoping she won’t notice. Focus right now is on getting the plumbing fixures installed, can lights installed and exterior painting.  The house was filled with workers today inside and out.  It is so much fun when there are so many people around getting lots of stuff done.

Ceiling in the great room


View from back door looking at kitchen and into entry way on right

Living room color is Benjamin Moore Wedgewood Gray


Jessie's room color is Benjamin Moore Kittery Point Green

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Paint, Paint, Paint

That’s what has been happening over the last week and a half.  There has been a crew in the house working on all the trim and ceilings.  They have been priming, filling, sanding, and painting for several days now.  The final coat has turned out beautiful.  Yesterday they were pefecting the ceilings.  Seems they will be coming in this weekend to work on and complete the walls.  Here comes the color!! I can’t wait.  I made decisions about most of the rooms but they’ll be painting a few swatches here and there for me to confirm still.  Everything is so white right now and covered up (floors, counters, cabinets) that pictures just aren’t that helpful for anyone to see the progress.  I’m sure by Sunday late afternoon I’ll have some great pictures of color on the walls to share with everyone.

Next items coming up include: brickwork outside and around living room fireplace, laying the hardwood floors, reorder the pantry swinging doors (another door issue), and reorder the staircase newels that I thought were too skinny.

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