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We are officially in…

Yay!  We’ve been in the new house for just over a week now.  The move…let’s just say it’s behind us and I am so glad.  At least part of it is.  Our garage is still full of stuff, stuff that we don’t need or want anymore and stuff that we can’t get to behind that stuff.  I’ll be unpacking for the rest of the year.  Jessie has settled very comfortably and is thoroughly enjoying her own room and bathroom.  Annie basically uses hers as a play room and is sleeping on our floor right now.  We’ve still got a few minor “ankle biters” as I like to call them to finish up, like some cabinet paint touch ups and tile and carpet touch ups.  The bulk of the work is now ours — unpacking, pictures on walls, yard work, the list feels a little endless at this point. Burch and I are going to need to institute a weekly project meeting just for the two of us.  But it is so good to be here with so much more indoor and outdoor space.  And I can’t seem to reorient the laundry room pic below. You’ll just have to turn your head. 🙂


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