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We had our final project meeting last Thursday and brought champagne to celebrate with our project managers/leaders.  I thought I was going to cry — actually did the night before but felt really good/satisified at the meeting.  We had a very uncommon (from what I hear) experience that was positive all the way through.  No break-ups, no legal proceedings,  just a very positive, professional relationship from beginning to end.

And we now have a move in date — April 28. I’m so excited I’ve been up since 4:00am ready to go.   The punch list is being worked on this week and next.  Lots of little things to “tighten” up like carpet, paint, closet organizers, etc.  They will also do one final deep cleaning of everything.  I’m not going to want to mess anything up. 

Thank you DeMattei for helping us realize one of our dreams.  Our family is very much looking forward to sharing our “space” with everyone!

Testing out the TV with pizza and the kids






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We passed final inspection!

Sorry for not keeping you up on things but things have been moving soo fast lately.  First off, great news!  The wonderful crew at DeMattei had a successful final inspection today at the house on their first try.  Very cool!  It was just 9 months ago that the demo crew was there and today the City gave their ok for us to move back in. Yippee!

There are still a few loose ends to tie up like closet organizers, brick work in back, fix driveway, exterior paint and complete cleaning inside but we’re starting to plan on moving back in the weekend of April 21.  I think I need someone to pinch me (really hard) because I still can’t believe we achieved this and have such a beautiful home to move into.  Here’s a few pics of the latest.

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