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Sneak peek at the tile

Construction has been slow the last couple of weeks. We’re hoping things kick into high gear between Thanksgiving and Christmas.  There is lots that can happen now: finish doors, windows, siding, roof, inspect rough electrical, insulation…Whew! Let’s get this show on the road huh?

In the meantime, since I don’t have much to report or show you in regards to the construction I thought I’d give you a sneak peek at some of the tile choices we’ve made. Oh the detail! Enjoy!

Kitchen backsplash, counter, cabinet and floor


Girls' bathroom - floor, backsplash, counter, shower walls


Guest shower floor and walls


Master bath floor, shower walls, shower floor



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Lots and lots of decisions

Not much change in the look of the house over the last couple of weeks.  We did however, make numerous decisions over the last few days.  On Tuesday we walked through the electrical layout.  The can lights, switches, outlets were all “staged” so that we could determine if things were in the right place.  We even had to decide what lights each switch turns on.  On Wednesday we met up with the  tile guy and went through every room in the house that required some sort of tile or countertop.  We talked about the kitchen island, which will be two levels, for almost 30 minutes.  Whew!  We got through all rooms except the laundry room.  I asked for a reprieve on that one — I’m on overload! 

And then today we signed off on the cabinetry.  And that one came in on budget.  I’m hoping we’re that good with the lights and the tile.  Budget check on those next week.

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