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Windows are going in and more

Yep, windows are going in and so are fireplaces, and so is the rough plumbing.  Lots happening and lots coming together.  All very exciting.  I think the pics do a better job providing the updates right now than I could do with words.  So… see below 🙂


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Full service contractor

Funny story.  We have been storing the majority of our plumbing items in the garage of Burch’s parents’ house in Morgan Hill.  The plumbing layout was to begin Friday so Thursday night Burch made the trip to bring the toilets, sinks, faucets, and bathtub back over to our garage.  He backed his truck inside the fence at the house and started the unloading process about 9:00 Thursday night.  As he turned around to get more items out of the truck he sees this big dog and the figure of someone coming down the driveway towards him.

Turns out it was Mark DeMattei – the owner of the company we’re using to build the house who lives in the area.  We find out he walks his dog in the evening and typically goes by our house to check on things. When he saw someone in the garage he was thinking we were being robbed and so hesitantly went in to see what was going on.  They both were pretty spooked!  We joke now that Mark not only builds the home he protects it too!

Fireplace in the front living room is framed in


Bill Rose (our project manager in grey), City Inspector (in green), and Dave (our lead carpenter) reviewing the plans

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Sheet and shear – check

The rain didn’t slow us down for long.  We’ve got the plywood sheeting and shear walls done.  It’s inspection time again but we’ve run into some snags with how a couple of areas were engineered.  One in particular is how to get the plumbing from the second floor laundry room down through a beam and out of the house.  As we’ve gotten into the details of the build we’re seeing that we may be a bit over-engineered. This house isn’t going anywhere. I wonder how much extra this has cost us.  😦

Sheeting done


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Our first rain day

Ugh! Really? It’s going to start raining now?  And they were so close to getting the second story roof on.  We already get antsy on rainy days but top that off with a small apartment to go home to and knowing that no work is getting done at the house makes us (really I mean “me”) more antsy and anxious.  Here’s a pic of Jessie and Burch standing in the second story hall with the stairwell behind them.  Loving the peaked ceiling.

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