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“Closing In”

Sort of.  We’re not really closing in on the final final yet but we are getting really close to closing in the house.  They have finished the plywood siding on th house and the second story roof is being completed this week. We’re starting to get questions about our finishes for the inside. Yikes! I better be confident about my choices, no turning back now.


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Second story is up

Annie looking out her bedroom window

And it looks so great!  We climbed the stairs to the second floor this evening and were able walk through the upstairs rooms.  For some reason tonight the sizes of the rooms felt just right.   It was really cool to look out the “windows” to see our new views from the second story. And fun to come down the stairs and get a feeling for that great room now that the ceiling is on.  Great progress,  come on by and check it out when you can!

Front view - cool huh?


Back view - we thought it had a nice feel to it tonight.


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Check out the stairs

So cool to see the stairs go up this week.  Project manager was there for a couple of hours doing  the math to have them fit just right and be just the right height.  I’m sure glad that wasn’t one of the decisions we had to make or be in on.  This morning we climbed up to the second floor and could see all around the neighborhood.  A totally new perspective of stuff we see everyday.  Tomorrow they frame the second story.  I’m sure hoping it feels bigger once the walls are up – I’m getting this nervous feeling that things are too tight.   Crazy huh?

We like the way the first stair starts back a bit and is not seen from the entry.


Second floor "plating" or marking off the room/closet/door locations - makes it easier for the workmen to come in and frame.

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Up, up and away

For the past week one guy has been out at the house prepping for the second floor to go on.  He did great prep work for the first floor so I have a feeling we’ll be seeing that second story very soon.  Today they brought a crane out to help hoist the HUGE beams up and put them in place.  No thanks, I’d rather watch from the ground. 

View from backyard


Front view of first floor


Beam over the kitchen

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Now this is fun

Don’t blink or you’ll miss the walls going up. I couldn’t believe it when we came by this afternoon and the entire first floor framing was done.  I know I’ve said before that “now you can really see they layout” but now you can really finally see the layout. With that third dimension of the walls it really helps give a feel for the size of rooms etc. 

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Next Step: Plating

I’ve never heard this construction term before, but now I know that it means we are prepping for the walls to be assembled.  You’ll see they marked off where all the walls will go both inside and out. There are lots of different numbers written all over the floor.  I’m hoping these guys did really well in math. We went by tonight and they were there pretty late so we’re thinking they are ready to start actually framing up the walls tomorrow.  And we saw another load of wood had been delivered. Yippee!

The larger beams have been dropped off.


Downstairs bathroom plated. The small rectangle is the guestroom closet.

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