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Subfloor is finally on

We finally passed the numerous inspections that the City put us through this week.  Yay!  We had the insulation put in Friday afternoon and then the guys showed up on Saturday to cover it up with the subfloor.  I know, I know, kinda boring but this is a great turning point.  Now we go up – by Friday we’ll see the framing started on the first floor.  Lots of exciting news and pics to share over the coming days/weeks…  Oh, and the beautiful windows are here waiting for their turn.

Annie thought the insulation looked like cotton candy.


We think that's a window for one of their rooms.


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At a snail’s pace

So….no word from me lately because there is nothing to tell except that the City of San Jose doesn’t seem to like us this week.  We are struggling to get our subfloor inspection.  I think the guy (or multiple guys and yes “guy” since no “gal” would be this annoying) has come out now 4 times to inspect, finding something different for plumbing or framing to fix each time.  Picky, oh so picky but I guess it should make us feel good and safe right?  Wood was delivered today to start the framing and windows came in on Tuesday but we can’t seem to get past the subfloor to get to the exciting stuff. Will report back tomorrow if we are moving forward again.

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Can you feel the heat?

Work the last couple of days has focused on the heating and AC ducting and venting that goes in the subfloor.  I think our house should stay nice and toasty in the winter from the size of that “intake” vent.  We are actually only going to “plumb” for AC but not purchase/install the actual unit. If future summers are anything like the one we’re having now, we won’t need it.   The plan is to install a whole house fan and see how that works in keeping the house cool.  We’re hoping that we save some $$ this way.

The intake vent is that large silver box sticking up.


Ducting and vents under first floor

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Look at us now!

The patios were framed last Thursday and then the concrete guys showed up on Friday to pour ’em.   Seems a little early to pour the patios but we’ve learned the roof lines tie into these (doh!) and so there they are.  They’ll be covered in brick closer to completion. 

We made sure our patio table and chairs will fit comfortably and looks like they will!  Yay!

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I’m always thrilled when there is a group of guys working on the site – and not for the reason you’re thinking. 🙂   When we pulled up for our weekly project meeting there was lots going on.  The framer and the plumber were both there.  They are trying to finish their work for the subfloor inspection we have scheduled for next Tuesday. We then met with the HVAC guy to map out the air intake as well as the first floor vents.  We’re also planning on installing a whole house fan so if anyone has any input to offer please do.

Filling in the subfloor for the stairs


Lots going on today

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Wow! So much to share in just a few days.  The framers have started their work on the subfloor.  The electricians were also there on Thursday and Friday to install the electrical panel onto the garage – I forgot to get a picture of that.  My reaction when I saw the size of it was, “Oh my gosh, this is like 3x what I’ve ever known us to have.”  We’re told the plumber will be on site next week. He’s got to get his work started before the framers finish the flooring. You can see he dropped off some supplies near the front fence. 
On another note, with a nod to our contractor/foundation guy – when the framer came in to start, he told us the foundation was laid to 1/16 of an inch on the specs – the most accurate he’s ever seen.  Although that’s not something anyone will ever see it is a good feeling to know that things are being done in a quality way.

Burch checking out the latest work

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Foundation was poured today

Wow! Things are really moving – or at least they feel like it.  The concrete was poured today for the foundation.  Burch tells me they poured 40 yards of concrete which is a lot, now I know.  It does look pretty solid huh?   So cool!  Jessie put her name in the foundation tonight when we stopped for a quick look.

Do you think anyone will ever see this?








Look at all those piers.

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