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Cute huh?!

Wow! What a day! I’ve gone back and forth between sadness – for the house itself, for leaving a chapter of our lives behind, for so many things – and excitement – for what lies ahead – that I’m exhausted. I also didn’t sleep well last night and had a terrible nightmare that we didn’t get everything out of the house, especially the kids’ beds, and that we had to rush over there this morning to literally throw stuff out of the house before the excavator started. Luckily, only a nightmare, although at the last minute Burch did decide to save some rocks and was moving those right up to picture time. Ugh!

The demo team started before 8:30 and the house was down by 10:00. The rest of the day was spent breaking up the debris and concrete and hauling it to the dump for recycling. Check out the video.


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