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Life goes on

The guys are still working on the forms, adding rebar before the concrete gets poured.  Sort of a boring update really – although I did get to order my free-standing soaker tub for the master bath today.  Ahhh….

Rebar strenthens the foundation








The real news this week is that life goes on in the midst of all this craziness.  Burch and I both forgot our 15th anniversary on Wednesday.  Embarrassing!  And Annie lost her two front teeth. 

So darn cute! But I do miss those teeth.


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Forms being set

Woo Hoo!  A structure is starting to show itself.  The forms for the foundation began to be set up today.  We’re shooting to pour concrete by Friday. Tonight we walked the lot and measured out the back patio to ensure we had the space we need for our table, BBQ, etc.   Time well spent as we determined we needed about another foot of space.  Need to do the same thing for the front patio.

Starting to see the layout - are things the right size?

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Whack a mole

Do you remember the game “whack a mole?”  It’s the one where the moles pop out of the holes and you have to whack ’em back down with a big mallet. Today’s work shows where they are digging the holes for the piers that will support the 2-story house.  First thing I thought of when I saw the lot was that game.

Get that mole!


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Today was a good day. They completed the surveying necessary and have actually begun to cut the pad for the foundation.  In the pictures below you can begin to see the layout of the house on the lot.  It’s exciting to see where things are going to live.

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Mondays are jinxed

Burch showed up this morning to check on things and found the project manager there.  Seems things weren’t going very smoothly.  The surveyor staked the site for the old house. doh! and the excavator didn’t excavate the extra 7 feet we’re going out in the back.  doh!
So when I went by this afternoon and snapped these pics I’m not sure if they are showing the mistake or the fix.  My observation says they aren’t corrected yet.  So far Mondays are not good days for us…

Surveyor Screws Up


Needs to move back

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As Annie would quote from Sharpay in High School Musical 2.  Yes, the old is now all gone and next week we start the new.  Not much to report on but a big dirt lot.  By the way, the large picture above is of the house that was torn down.  This was what it looked like right before we took ownership 2 years ago.  As the new house takes shape I’ll update the picture above.

Looking towards the street from the back lawn


Looking from the front "lawn"

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Just a big hole

Nothing left anymore but a big hole where the basement was.  It’s really strange to see the lot like this.  Here’s some more pics to give you an idea of what we’re looking at.

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