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We’re Out

The big move occurred over the weekend.  It’s taking a little getting used to.  Here are the girls at our “new” front door for the next 10 months or so. They have done great with the move so far – still enjoying the novelty of it.

We reside in lucky #4!









Before we moved we allowed the girls to draw on their walls – they thought this was very cool!

"Annie and Jessie were here."


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Our last night

Well, here we are enjoying our last evening in our second home.  Jessie realized this tonight at dinner and so we all toasted each other to the next 10 months of our adventure.  I’ve thought about the last time I shave my legs in the small shower stall, last time I have to deal with the garbage disposal that doesn’t quite suck all the food/water down, the last time I back down our narrow driveway.   It’s like our house has been telling us the time has come.  It all started about a year ago when part of the ceiling fell down and then one of the front columns.  Now the back door lock is stripped and so has been removed in addition to my key not working in the front lock anymore.   I think it’s going to be simpler just to rebuild. 🙂

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Change is starting

Quick test today to see how easy it is to upload pics to this blog.  Here’s the before with the back trellis and the after… We’re already starting to see change around here.  11 months and counting!

Now you see it.


Now you don't.


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School is out…time to pack

Not much has happened over the last week with regards to the house.  The girls had their last day of school today so now we can focus more on packing, removing items (like the back trellis for possible use later), transplanting plants, and “moving administration” as I call it.  This includes cancelling bills (garbage) and changing addresses for everything.  ARG!  

In case you missed it in my last post the demo day has been scheduled for Monday, July 11.  No exact timing yet but we’ll all be here with hard hats, mimosas, donuts, etc.  Please feel free to join us if you’d like.  I will be taking video for posting so if you’re not here you will get to see some of it.  Should be exciting!

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Met our project manager today

I had butterflies in my stomach all morning leading up to (and during) our first meeting with our project manager.  His name is Aaron Stewart and Lisa Cazares will be the project coordinator.   First thing we did was to walk through EVERY window and french door in the house to ensure our quote had it all included.  Found a couple of minor mistakes but they’re on it and will be ordering these items very soon.  I almost have to keep pinching myself as I type this to remind myself that this is really happening.   We’ve scheduled all gas and electric service to be shut off on June 27 with a demo day being scheduled for Monday, July 11.  Yay!!

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