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Pics to come but we put a deposit on a rental on Friday.  It’s a tiny 2/1 apartment in a four-plex just on the other side of the Rose Garden.  Location is perfect and the rent was just under our budget.  woo hoo!  Annie overheard Burch tell me that there is no dishwasher and her response was “Well, we’ll have to eat out a lot.”  ha! ha!  Ummm, no, we’ll be handwashing the dishes honey. 🙂


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And they’re off…

Yes, we’ve done it!  For over 5 years we’ve been trying to get to this point and now here we are.   I’ve only felt excitement and drive up to now.  Tonight there is fear like I want to go back to that safe feeling of excitement and dreamy wonder.  But of course we’ll  press onward.

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